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Hi everyone, 
We would just like to thank you for your generosity today at our leavers' get together. The gifts were very much appreciated and we hope the children liked their little bag of treats. It was lovely to see everyone and more importantly, it was great to see the children chat to their friends before they all go their separate ways. The sun came out after all-who would have thought? I'm sure you are very proud of your children as they leave Primary School. The class of 2020 lockdown is one we will never forget. Thanks again for the thoughtfulness of all the parents and children. 
Mr. Brown, Mrs. Spratt, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Bell and Mrs. McAllen. 
P.s It was also great to get a sneaky peak at Mrs. Bell's brand new baby boy Alexander making his debut at Fair Hill. Isn't she amazing out and about with a two day old baby? xx 
To the greatest bunch of Primary 7's, 
We hope you enjoy looking at our little collection of photographs. Have you changed? We don't think so. Make sure you turn on the volume just on bottom right of video to hear the music. Tissues at the ready Mums and Dads. 
Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Bell and Fair Hill Staff 
Home Learning: week beginning 22nd June 
All explanations of each part of the lesson are included in the link. One week of literacy activities 
Numeracy: Complete video activities on www.whiterosemaths.com (click on home learning section to access the video lessons.) Choose year 7 (or year 8 for top group) . No access codes needed and there are videos daily. 
WAU: Choose a lesson of your choice on www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize 
*Select videos 
Video 52 Ratio and proportion. Watch the video and complete the questions alongside the video. 
(make sure you on on the primary section) 
There are also great 5 a day activities on this webite 
Try other videos for areas of maths you found difficult during the year. 
Spellings: Commonly misspelled words 
absence, acceptable, accidentally, accommodate, achieve, acknowledge, acquaintance, acquire 
advisable, allegiance, almost, amateur, apparent. Do meanings for unknown words. 
Congratulate yourself that you have reached the end of home learning P7. Well done, it hasn't been easy and we think you have done us proud.  
Primary 7 Class Page 
Mrs. Kelly & Mrs. Bell 
We have been sent this document by the Education officer who deals with transition to Secondary school. Click here to access 
We hope to use this class page alongside Purple mash, to add some more ideas for your child to complete. If you would like to, you could take a picture of some of your work or attach a word document to akelly673@c2kni.net or lynnealexander2013@gmail.com
We check and reply to emails as we receive them so please get in touch if you need support. 
Scripture Union: Videos and lessons will be available for P7's at https://suni.co.uk/itsyourmovelessons/ 
Thurs 4th June 10 am Change 
Thurs 11th June 10 am Choice 
Thurs 18th June 10 am Challenge 
NB Useful daily lessons are being uploaded on bbc.co.uk/bitesize every day 
Delighted to see Hannah Murphy's excellent map work skills of our village Kinallen. So impressed with this remote learning. 
Home learning Week beginning 8th June and 15th June  
Pick and choose from the following activities 
A) Literacy (one-two week's worth of activities) The theme is to make and advertise a gadget that might be used on a spy mission. 
Learn list given in answers first, then try to complete the crossword. This list concentrates on spellings with tricky endings. 
Synonyms and antonyms (similar and opposite) 
List is inside powerpoint 
ecstatic---- despondent 
jovial ----forlorn 
exultant ---- dejected 
elated---- woeful 
delighted---- dismal 
C) Maths activity (at least one week's work).  
Can use a calculator to help with occupancy rates. Lower group maths could leave out the 80% occupancy questions if they finding this a little tricky and stick to the 100%, 50% rates. 
Click on home learning and complete maths video lessons year 8 top group, year 7 middle group, year 6 lower group. 
E) www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize daily lessons on all areas of the curriculum 
F) Science 
In school we would have been studying plants and animals linked to the rainforest topic. Find out what the terms 'vertebrate' and 'invertebrate' mean.  
Vertebrates can be further classified by mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds (MR. FAB helps us remember these groups) 
Do some research to find out what features an animal needs to fit into these groups. Design a poster to show each group and their features. 
Home learning Week beginning 25th May and 1st June (new activities added) 
1.Click on link for ideas to complete this week. I would like you to concentrate on Tuesday's activities for literacy this week. We have been concentrating on formal letters over the last term so now we will write an informal letter to a granny, grandad, aunt or friend. Try to lay out your address correctly in the top right hand corner and then begin to tell them all about your time in lock down. Why don't you post the letter and you might even get a reply? Edit and improve your work. It would be lovely to see you try the other challenges in the link also. I've written a letter to you just so you can see how the style is different in an informal letter. Open the link below.  
P.S I know for a fact that grannys and Grandads are not doing well not seeing their grandchildren so they would be thrilled to get a letter. 
2. Literacy unit of work comprehension, vocabulary and grammar work. Explore a text 
This unit would take a week to finish if you choose to complete all the activities. 
3.Maths: Go to www.whiterosemaths.com  
Click on home learning and complete the activities in the maths videos. You need a pencil and paper and pause the video when you need to complete a task. Choose year 7 or move up or down a level. 
4. Spellings: Learn 10 each day. Click on the link to open. 
5. Fun for a wet day: Mountain bike challenge (indoors) Active learning at home. You just need a chair. 
6.At this time of year we would normally be enjoying important Health & Wellbeing lessons from the lovely Jeannie. Please have a look at the powerpoints and activities below, perhaps with an adult who can answer any queries you may have: 
7. WAU: When you left school you had a WAU booklet based on map skills. If we were able to attend school we would have gone on walks around the village noting the buildings and names of main roads. We would use these rough sketches to make our own map of the local village and even produce a key showing which buildings were educational, housing or business; noting whether the buildings were detached, semi-detached or terraced. 
Perhaps you could have a go at this and try to produce a map of Kinallen or the roads near to your own house. Try asking an adult for help, or maybe a phone app like google maps etc might be of some use. Use rectangles to mark out any buildings. If they are detached, perhaps this could be one rectangle, semi-detached two rectangles together, terraced housing could be rectangles joint together. Use a different colour for each different type of building. Ideas below, but maybe you can come up with your own better idea of setting it out? 
Some examples of P7 remote learning-Click links to open 
Thanks Ben M for sending us your brilliant work on the rainforests 
Thanks to Thomas Bolwell for sending your rainforest literacy work this week. Excellent ideas and ICT skills used. 
Thank you Jack L for your tiger art, well done! 
Lovely art work Aaron 
Thank you Bradley for this outstanding panda art 
Great ICT skills used here, I'm sure you'll agree. Thank you Bradley. 
James C has created excellent rainforest activities also; but in other news I hear he can now drive a tractor and plant a field of potatoes. Multi-talented. I think I recognise that hoodie? 
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