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Welcome to Mrs Fry and Mrs Annett's  
P4/5 class 
Dear Parent, 
We hope you and your family are safe and well. We miss the children and the routine of school in daily life. I miss all their little stories and personalities in my day. 
After Easter (week beginning 20th April) the plan is that both P4 classes will follow the same work - Mrs Poot's class and Mrs Fry's class. Work will be comprised of tasks and reading set on Purple Mash, with topic work activities and links set on the website (on Mrs Poot's Page P3/4). 
The two P5 classes will be following the same work together - Mrs Spratt's/ Mr Henning's class and Mrs Fry's class. Work for this year group will also be comprised of set 'To dos' on Purple Mash and topic work activities and links set on website. Purple Mash is fantastic and we will be setting a lot of games and activities to help keep skills such as number bonds and times tables sharp as well as grammar exercises. Topic work will involve more research and project type work, some word processing and perhaps powerpoint. 
We are in the middle of very challenging times, the likes of which we have not seen before. Personally I am struggling to homeschool a P2 and a P4 whilst trying to stop a 1year old wrecking the house when I'm not looking! All the while worrying about getting groceries and whether it's safe to be going outside past other people or not! I'm finding I have less patience for my own children than I do for yours!  
So if you are struggling at home with working and managing children do not stress - we are all in this together! We are all just trying to do our best and keep some normality for our children, and that's what's important! We understand you are not teachers and your home is not school, only complete what is manageable for you and your child. Please do not let any work become a source of stress for either of you. Help your children feel safe at home and make the time they have there with you enjoyable. Read stories, bake buns, watch movies, build tents and don't be hard on yourself if the work doesn't get done or the floor is a mess!  
Stay safe and look after your families, Mrs Fry x  
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