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The Class of Primary 3 
P3 2018/19

Keeping Busy. 

Hello P3, I hope you are all keeping well and working hard at your tasks each day. I hope you've been able to enjoy the weather too. I have been going for a walk each day and have spotted some of you while I have been out and about round Kinallen! 
I'm uploading a powerpoint to remind us what an adjective is. 
Perhaps you could write a story about what you have been getting up to (or perhaps it might be what you would like to be getting up to!) 
Remember to think about the setting (your home) and the characters in your story. 
Remember also to think about planning the beginning, the middle and the end of your story. 
Try to use as many juicy adjectives to describe your setting and your characters. 
Perhaps there might even be an imaginary character in your story! 
It's your story. There are no right or wrong ideas - but try to keep your capitals and punctuation in mind when you are checking your work. 
Have fun! 
Mrs Annett 

Online Learning 

Dear parent,  
I hope you're all keeping well and your children have been able to work through the packs which were sent home. We are hoping to switch to on-line learning from 20th April which means that I will be posting tasks on this web page on a weekly basis. The tasks will be a mixture of purple mash tasks - which will be set up as 'To Dos' on your child's account - and activities which can be accessed from here. 
We are in the middle of very challenging times and it is important that the work which is set does not become a source of stress for either you or your child. Daily tasks will be set, but can be completed at any stage during that week. I would encourage you to keep reading with your children and to practise simple number bonds and high frequency spellings regularly.  
Please stay safe and remember, we don't expect you to be teachers. Spend time learning together and let them show you what they can already do - they are already little experts in lots of ways! I can be contacted on nannett968@fairhill.kinallen.ni.sch.uk if any of the children would like to send pictures of their work. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ¦° 
Take care, 
Mrs Annett 

😊😊Work for week beginning 20th April 2020 

Reading activities on Purple Mash as 'To Dos'. 
Speed Boat reading group - see caterpillar activities below. 
The Cautious Caterpillar activities 
Numeracy activity: Purple Mash To Do. Telling the time - a revision of o'clock and half past. 
Literacy activity: Purple MashTo Do. Use 2Create to create a storybook about something that has happened to you during your time at home. βœπŸ–Œ 
Numeracy activity: Purple Mash To Do. Practising quarter past the hour and writing about something you like to do at a certain time each day. 
There is a worksheet below which helps you to practise your digital time. You can either print it off, or draw the clocks into your workbook and write the answers underneath.⏰ 
Literacy activity: keep working on your storybook from yesterday. Purple Mash - 'To Do' Compounding with Grandad'. Compound words - remember that a compound word is just joining two nouns together to make a different noun.  
Reading activities - on purple mash 
Numeracy activity: number bonds to 10 activity. Please print off or copy and make your own game. Number bonds to 10 game  
Purple Mash 'To Do' addition and subtraction to 20. Keep trying this until you can get as many correct as possible. 
Literacy activity: using adjectives (describing words) and nouns to make sentences interesting. Purple Mash 'To Do' 
Numeracy activity: Purple Mash 'To Do' Addition and Subtraction sums. If you find that they are too easy - you can move to the next level.πŸ‘πŸ» I have also set 'Sequence snake' as an additional game to play. Enjoy! 
Literacy activity: Using verbs. Click on the following 'Using verbs in sentences' 
There are three differentiated activities. I have set out guidance below but if you would like to try a different activity, please do so. 
If you are in the Speed Boats group - use the first activity 
If you are in the trains, racing cars, jet skiis use the second activity 
Lorries group use the third activity 
Numeracy activity: Click on the following 'Subtraction in columns' 
Remember to take the bottom number from the top number. 
Over the next few weeks we will be taking a look at the World Around Us. It's Springtime! My favourite season.🌺 I have attached a powerpoint for you to read with someone in your house. Then I would love you to try to find some of the signs of spring when you are out for your daily exercise. We are so privileged to live out in the countryside with lots of beautiful plants, flowers and trees. If we are quiet and listen carefully we can hear the birds singing. I have loved hearing all of the different bird songs when I have been on my walks .πŸŒ³πŸ¦‹πŸ¦… 
Have you heard the Red Kites? They have been keeping an eye on us from above. If you listen carefully you can hear their very distinctive cry. I am sure you have seen the little lambs and perhaps even some chicks.πŸ€πŸ‘ Keep your ears and eyes open for lots of the signs of spring. 
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