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Happiness is……. 
Happiness is spending time with family having lots of fun 
Happiness is drinking tea and eating chocolate buns. 
Happiness is going on a walk with my mum 
And bringing along Toby who likes to run. 
Happiness is playing with my friends at the park 
And we never play out in the dark. 
Happiness is going to meet Mickey Mouse 
Oh how I wish he could come to my house. 
By Chloe 
Happiness is playing my x-box 
It is playing football outside 
Happiness is when my magazine arrives 
And cooking dinner 
Happiness is going on holidays 
Feeling excited 
Eating pasta 
Knowing my family love me 
Happiness is being me 
And knowing there are more adventures to come. 
By Ryan McIlroy 
Welcome to our P3/4 HOME LEARNING ZONE. Parents please read the letter to parents below and P3/4s have their own special letter where I encourage them to write to their friends using the top tips and format. SImply click on the red text and the documents will open. I will be posting tasks on this web page on a weekly basis. The tasks will be a mixture of purple mash actvities - which will be set up as 'To Dos' on your child's account - and activities which can be assessed from here. I can be contacted on jpoots442@c2kni.net if any of the children would like to send samples or pictures of their work. Daily tasks will be set but these can be completed at any stage during the week. Please stay safe and remember we do not expect you to be teachers. Spend time learning together and let the children show you what they can already do. I will give you links to more reading and web resources below.  
Week beginning 15th June 2020 
This week we continue our adventures around the world by looking at life in the oceans. Last Thursday was Ocean Day so there is plenty of information for us to find out about sea cows and spanish dancers and the beauty of our oceans. Did you know that 97% of Earth's water is in the oceans?  
First we can watch 4 mnutes of BBC bitesize Animals that live under the sea. 
You can watch the oceans 3D trailer on https://www.bbcearth.com/oceans/ 
Discover earth kids if you click on the earth kids. You can watch 4 minutes of diving with dangerous bull sharks or find out about the world's biggest shark with a giant mouth. So much to do without having to print out or read a thing to get you started.  
And now a fact for all our Mums and Dads..Did you know that 63% of the people in the UK said they would rather swim with sharks than do the ironing!!? 
Also for parents. If anyone is running out of reading materials there is a 30 day free trial with Reading Eggs available up until the end of the month. Alongside many activities there are a host of books to read in the library section. Simply click start once you put in your child's name and there are lots of books on our world especially, lots of excellent non-fiction in particular if this interests your child. To take advantage of this you supply your email address and a password and they then send you the link in. It does end after the month and you do not give any bank details. I am using it myself and my children are enjoying the books. More than one child can use it at the same time. 
Reading:Purple Mash 'To Do's set 
Mental maths: continue with TOP MARKS Daily 10 challenges/Hit the button/Toy Shop and Coconut multiples 
Spellings; Extension Activity to keep the children interested. Pick 3 / 5 words a day from the 100 Commonly Misspelled Word List attached. This will help improve writing in P5. 
P3/4 literacy: Purple Mash 'To dos'set 
P4 Literacy : Bones. We all have them. Most animals have them too. Sharks have a skeleton made of cartilage. 
P4 Macaws Maths mystery: try and work it out on paper without printing it all out! 
P3/4 Bucket of crabs maths. Use your 100 square if you need to. Have a go for me and write what happens when you add on 100 more 
WAU: Find out about our oceans with bbc bitesize  
Powerpoint:BLUE PLANET sea creatures 
P4 Maths; Purple Mash 'To dos' 
P3/4 Crack the code..jellyfish amazing facts. 
P4 LIteracy: All about octopuses 
Choose your level: 1 star is the easiest and 3 star is the most difficult. Answers do no not need to be printed off. ONLY PRINT WHAT YOU NEED OR USE IT ON THE SCREEN 
P3/4 Literacy: Action words 
WAU: fact cards. Do not print out. Have a look at your favourite animal. Maybe you love seahorses or maybe you dream of swimming with dolphins. Find out more here! 
P4 Literacy... Comprehension: Finding out about Sir David Attenborough. Choose your level: 1 star is the easiest and 3 star is the most difficult. Answers do no not need to be printed off. ONLY PRINT WHAT YOU NEED OR USE IT ON THE SCREEN 
P3/4 Literacy: Camping for nouns 
P4 Speed tests: time tables. One for today, one for tomorrow and one for Friday. 
**** IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR THURSDAY 18th. Sir David Attenborough's Geography lesson is on today on BBC BITESIZE.  
5-7 years Oceans Migration 
8-9 years Oceans Weather patterns. Check it out on bbc bitesize, and on the red button and BBC iplayer.  
Then look forward to more from Sir David on the 30th June it will be time for fossils and dinosaurs for Science Week. Also check out Newsround to find out about the amazing Stork story ...The first for 600 years!! 
Choose your level: 1 star is the easiest and 3 star is the most difficult. Answers do no not need to be printed off. ONLY PRINT WHAT YOU NEED OR USE IT ON THE SCREEN 
P3/4 Literacy: Camping for verbs 
P4 Multiplication Speed test as yesterday 
WAU: More about oceans: World Ocean Day wordsearch` 
LITERACY: P3/4 Purple Mash 'To dos' set 
Click on the red..There are so many activities on this game you could have lots of fun over the weekend or in the summer holidays too. Check them out. Mrs ANNETT has more ideas on the P3 webpage. 
P4s can choose the easy or hard options in prefies and suffixes for example. 
P4 MacGregor Mystery 
P3/4Test time: Use your daily 10 and topmarks to improve your maths skills today. 
Week beginning 22nd June 2020 
This is it P3/4... the last week of home learning. Thank you to all parents and even grandparents who have helped you all to learn at home. As Mrs Annett says you deserve a big virtual hug from me and as I tell my pupils they can deliver it! Along with the other teachers we appreciate the patience and hard work of all of you. All parents and carers have helped us as a staff to rise to the challenge of helping the pupils that we all cherish. 
As summer is coming...read on to find out some interesting things you can do. Life will never be boring in our worlds. There is so much to have a go at..... everyone is welcome to email me at any time, either for help, ideas or just to keep in touch. It is lovely to hear how well you are all doing. I am sure I will see some of you around school or Dromore again very soon.  
LIBRARIES NI...sign up for silly jokes, activities and meet the SIlly Squad 
A BIG READING CHALLENGE>>>>For those of you who love something new.... welcome to J.K. Rowling's The Ickabog 
She is now well through the book but scroll down and start reading from Chapter 1...I too am going to have to play catch up on the chapters but this could be an interesting read for some of you. Click on the red link to enter into a new world. 
From J.K. Rowling 
"I had the idea for The Ickabog a long time ago and read it to my two younger children chapter by chapter each night while I was working on it. However, when the time came to publish it, I decided to put out a book for adults instead, which is how The Ickabog ended up in the attic. I became busy with other things, and even though I loved the story, over the years I came to think of it as something that was just for my own children.Then this lockdown happened..........." 
Also there is an Art Competition 
J.K. Rowling is inviting you to help illustrate The Ickabog for her. Every day when chapters of the story are uploaded, she will be making suggestions for what you might like to draw or paint to illustrate the story as it goes along. You should let your imagination run wild and maybe one day you to will be famous! 
Reading:Purple Mash 'to do's set 
Mental Maths: Continue with Daily 10 
Spellings:continue with last weeks Spelling Challenge sheet..100 commonly misspelled word list 
P4 THIS IS THE YEAR 2020...The Olympic games happen every 4 years normally in our world. Can you find out more about the Olympic Games today on your own, or what do you know already?  
Literacy comprehension THE OLYMPIC GAMES 
Purple Mash 'to do's set for the week or if you prefer 
P3/4 Maths challenges to print off 
P4 Maths challenges to print off 
Another big challenge if some of you want to have a go using BBC BItesize 
it is called The battle for Mathematica!! 
Choose a character, then add, subtract, divide and multiply your way to victory in this fun maths game. 
Challenge yourself across 10 different KS2 maths topics from the Mysterious Mountains of Multiplication to the Deadly Sea of Shapes. If you're feeling really brave, test your maths abilities in the Battle for Mathematica. I know it say KS2 but some of our budding mathematicians may be up for the challenges set.... 
Are you ready to take on the Times Table trials? Put your times table knowledge to the test by answering questions against the clock. 
Battle courageously and you'll be rewarded with many great riches to apply to your character. A fun game from BBC Bitesize. 
WAU...What is a coral reef. Which animals live there? Find out more. 
P4 We all remember some homophones. to/too/two and I/eye to name a few. Today a quick revision of homophones that we need to remember where/we're/wear using you tube..
Try topmarks for some follow up games 
CHALLENGE. Try doing it on the screen so you do not use a lot of ink printing it off..The mystery of the missing sunglasses 
Function machines 
P4 Challenge maths time Page 1  
World Around Us 
Watch the whale story on youtube. Use to find out more about pollution under the ocean. Count by looking not touching....how many plastic bottles you have in your house. They are in the kitchen, bathroom to name but a few places...even in the garage probably too. Do you know how the oceans and coral reefs are being affected by pollution now? 
Update yourself on contractions 
Contractions are when two words are joined together to make a shorter word. An apostrophe is used in place of the missing letters. See the poster image above.Your Mum can test you. Do you know all of them? Contraction action Play the game to test how much you know 
ALL Maths The mystery of the missing goblet pirate mystery. Try doing it on your screen so you do not use a lot of ink printing it off. 
P4 Past tense...How some words do not add 'ed' ..they are the irregular verbs. Bring is to brought as teach is to ? WATCH the video video 
P3/4 Maths Summer time challenges to print off 
Friday...Our last day together..So let us do nice things. This has been one of the happiest classes I have ever taught. Each morning your smiles brightened up my room. You all loved silly poems, you smiled when you played together and you loved to complete challenges and win table points and treasure out of the treasure chest. Have a lovely happy summer and come back ready for P4 and P5 
Poem time. Think about what makes you happy. For example, what do you love to eat. What do you love to do. Have a look at what Elianna has written for you here about what makes her happy. Ask your Mum or Dad what they would write in their own poems.  
Now have a go at writing your own poem. You can use the word HAPPY or the idea of Happiness is. The ideas are your own and you can use paper, the computer or a word cloud as we did on our Shared Education day. If you want to be more creative simply use abcya to make a word cloud of your ideas. Click on the word cloud for a direct link in. You can email me your wonderful suggestions if you have time.  
Extension activity for day: Use arthub to draw your favourite underwater animal. Most of us love dophins or turtles. 
The Pirate CAptain has lost his treasure. to help him find it you need to draw a grid 5 squares by 5 squares or use a piece of squared paper in your book.Read the instructions carefully. They came from an island called New Zealand at the other side of the world!  
Lastly here is a holiday summer game to play if you would like it. 
Ideas for over the summer if you want to keep busy..
Don't forget next week on the 30th June SIr David Attenborough will be on BBC Bitesize teaching you about dinosaurs and fossils as part of Science Week. Explore BBC Bitesize as there is so much to learn without me. 
if you haven't already seen this there is a TIME CAPSULE idea that I know some of you have but others may enjoy. Click to see it and complete it if you want to. 
Use primary homework helps to research your own favourite topics and find out more. Don't forget you can use Purple Mash to record your ideas and make fact files etc. 
LIBRARIES NI...sign up for silly jokes, activities and meet the SIlly Squad 
Use abcya for new games and creating your own word clouds or homework helps for finding out about topics you choose for yourself now. 
Read the Ickabog if you want a big read.  
Continue on with TOPMARKS...choose your own games and challenges. Maybe the Daily 10 or toy shop money, maths train...THE DECISION is yours.  
Week beginning 8th June 2020 
Going on safari with the Go-Jetters 
This week continuing on with the DAILY 10 Maths challenge on Topmarks.co.uk, Safari Spellings and Reading from OXFORDOWL.co.uk. There are so many books to choose from now. Books go up to Level 20: SELKIE SUMMER, all about Lily whose parents have unusual jobs. Purple Mash To Dos are set this week for litearcy/numeracy tasks and extension activities only. Feel free to use the website for reading if you wish to. 
Spellings: Use the Safari mat to learn some new words 
Numeracy:Purple Mash 'To dos' set 
LIteracy:Non-fiction focus. Page 1, Page 2 
WAU: Finding out more about Africa Powerpoint: Going on Safari with the Go-Jetters 
P4 Literacy:Purple Mash 'To dos' set 
Numeracy: P3/4 Purple Mash 'To dos'set 
WAU : Imagine you are now going camping for your SAFARI adventure. Choose carefully what you will need to put in your rucksack. What you need is important rather than what you would like to take. Can you pick your top 20 things to pack. Do not forget you will have to carry it so think of how heavy things are! You can list or draw what you think you will need. 
P3/4 Literacy: Watch you tube homeschool pop synonyms and antonyms 
P3/4 Purple Mash 'To dos' set 
P4 play the Word frog game using synonyms or antonyms 
Numeracy: Sorting multiples 
WAU/Literacy: If you lived in Kenya. Read all about it and answer the questions at the end. Can be read on screen. Page 1, page 2, page 3,, page 4 
P3/4 Numeracy: Purple Mash 'To dos' set 
P4 More difficult activity: Using better words. Activity sheet to use. Can be printed out or used on screen. 
Click on the safari live video and listen to the samples only to give you a flavour of going on safari. 
Your adventure. Think about what an adventure is. Use the SAFARI MAT on screen to help you. 
Story writing: Write about your adventures going on Safari. What did you see when you were in the jeep? Did you sleep in a tent or did you choose to have a bungalow with a balcony where you could watch the watering hole at sunset? What animals did you see? If you would like to send them to me by email I would love to see what you have written. You can simply tell your family all about it, or write or type your ideas... the decision is yours. Enjoy your virtual safari experience. 
Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Poots 
This terms big World Around Us topic is the BIRDS, the BUGS and the BEASTS. This week we are going on SAFARI  
Week beginning Monday 1st June 
Reading from Collins Connect as outlined last week. Continuing to read at your own level. We are looking at animals this week so if you have not read the animal themed books they are perfect, especially the PROGRESS zone. 
I am also attaching a June reading challenge for all pupils. I know that many of you are reading at home and need a little encouragement sometimes too. It does not matter which books you choose to read, ebooks or books shared in families. I have bought in a David Walliams c/o Amazon for a birthday present treat here. Can you simply record on the sheet which books are being read at home.  
For parents I am deleting the links from previous weeks work to free up memory space on the website. If however anyone requires previous activities just email me and I have back up copies.  
Many thanks, Mrs P 
Reading from Collins Connect this week. June reading challenge sheet to print off and start.  
Daily 10:try challenging yourself to a time limit this week. You can answer your 10 maths questions in 10 or 15 or 20 seconds.Challenge yourself this week. 
Comprehension:All about elephants (3 different levels. Choose your level and only print off what you need! Answers included but you do not need to print these off) 
P4 Maths: NHM Page1 Page2 
P3/4 Maths: Purple Mash To Do set. 
Animals Wordsearch:choose your level and only print off what you need or do it on-screen only 
Art hub links for this week.....Have a look at drawing a lion,cheetah,elephant or giraffe etc 
WAU research time. Using www.natgeokids to find out about African animals and life in Africa. Click on the Savannah video clip top right on the homepage and you will think you are in Africa today. Then discover more ...10 amazing facts about cheetahs and all different kinds of animals. 
P4 Comprehension:Giraffes comprehension 
P3/4 Purple Mash 'To dos' set 
P4 Maths:Problem Solving powerpoint to have a go at 
Choose your animal and learn interesting facts. Cheetah? Lion? Meerkat? Giraffe? Rhino? Elephant? Zebra?Write 5 interesting facts about your animal using one of the fact file sheets 
or if you prefer I have also set the Purple MAsh Safari Animals Fact sheet and this can be used. Your choice P3/4 and P4/5 
ALL Maths: Purple Mash 'To dos' set 
ALL Maths:Measuring using a metre. A piece of string/wood/ribbon or paper can be used. 
ALL Maths:Direction finding page 1 activity  
LOOK AT THE WORK BELOW....SCROLL DOWN....Following the excellent news reports that some of you produced last week for your reading activity on Purple Mash... a new headline today. Read all about it.... 
Extension activity...game to play 
New report....Giraffes in danger 
Click on this text to edit it. 

Week beginning 25th May 2020 

Reading: PURPLE MASH TO DOs set: Zoo animals link for most groups. 
Daily 10 Topmarks Mental maths challenges:choose your own levels. https://topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10 
Tuesday: P4 Literacy challenge...Little words in big words. How many can you find? 
P4 NHM maths multiplication practice Page 1 Page 2 
WAU: Learning about animals https://connect.collins.co.uk/School/Portal 
Click on the Teacher sign in icon. Username is Parents@harpercollins.co.uk Password is Parents20! 
Various books to have a look at. Turquoise...Africa's Big Three, Purple ....LIving dinosuars. Turquoise level...fly facts. Blue level..animals in hiding. White level...The camel fair. *** However, if you click on the PROGRESS section at the top more books are available there adn have a look in the White level for Extreme animals!! Maybe you did not know but there are a host of books hiding behind this little tab. Space, War ....lots more exciting possibilities. 
P3/4 Literacy Purple Mash to do set 
P4 literacy adding 'ing' 
P3/4 Maths Purple Mash to do set 
P4 Maths Escaped naughty monkey puzzle:converting clocks to 24 hour clocks 
WAU: Purple Mash to do set: Should animals be kept in zoos/ Ask your Mum or Dad for their opinion too. Purple Mash to do set. 
Thursday: P3/4 connectives jigsaws 
P4 PICK A PREPOSITION Missing words activities 
P4 Maths Problem Solving LONDON EYE activity 
P4 ALL 2 levels of literacy: Purple Mash ESCAPED ANIMAL NEWS. Newspaper article to write. 'TO DO'set 
ALL Maths:Coordinates puzzle ***Don't forget you have to unjumble the clues to find out something we all must do to keep healthy!! 
WAU: look at the maps of Chester Zoo attached. Design your own perfect zoo. Some animals have special requirements to keep them happy. Think about what penguins and other birds might need !? Remember to include places for all members of your family. THINK: which animals can live close together and which are better kept well apart from each other. 
Click on the green box under primary"free access to Collins Big Cat ebooks for parents. 
Click on the school portal.Click on teacher sign in icon. Type in the username parents@harpercollins.co.uk 
Password: Parents20! 
Click login 
Then enter BIG CAT READING by clicking on the purple Big Cat 
Mrs Frys P4s and P3/4 Scooby Doos, Flintstones, Garfields and Incredibles will enjoy the white and lime levels of reading. These are in the VIEW MORE box when clicked below the turquoise level. I know that it takes a little effort to get into this website initially but it is so worth it. Please keep going so the children can enjoy the books. I simply clicked in the white and lime boxes and all 44 books come up. This week let's use the non fiction books.For this week read Why can't humans fly!!??. Our fiction book is The amazing adventurous Batbird. Then off you go P4s. read whatever takes your fancy.. and enjoy Remember our Cold Lands topic and read ANTARCTICA... or enjoy FOSSILS,RALLY CHALLENGE ( the boys who love cars will love this one), IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE (Alexander might love this one). BUILDING HIGH (for the architects amongst us!), Blood (for our NHS workers of the future), Cloud Forest for our World Around US lovers. 
For my P3/4s Superheroes,.....and any P3s reading this use the Turquoise, Purple and then try the Gold level when you are ready for it.  
Week 4  
This week we are going round the world to look at what the birds are doing....  
At this time of year birds are singing around Kinallen and Dromore and birds are in the news headlines for all sorts of reasons. The Red egret is dancing in Florida. White tailed Sea eagles, the UKs largest bird of prey have been reintroduced to the UK. Puffins are happy on Rathlin Island although apparently they ar getting confusd by all the street lights in America and need help to find their way back to the sea at night time. Did you know that Mrs Coulter spent time on Rathlin Island with their famous Puffins? These famous Atlantic Puffins are named the parrots of the seas but there are other types of puffins including the Unicorn Puffin? Check out Wednesday's factfile for more details. Next week we will travel to the rainforest to find 5 unique birds that live there. 
Numeracy:P3/4 Pizza fractions powerpoint Don't forget to click on the slide to see the pizza divide up 
P4: Purple Mash Pizzeria 
WAU : P3/4 A little bit of fun: BIRD SCRABBLE 
TO PRINT OUT AND USE:From a birds eye point of view page 1 
+A wee extension challenge for you. It is said that the Puffins returned to Rathlin Island a day early this year. It was reported in the Belfast Telegraph that they were spotted on the 26th March this year. Use google...Can you have a look online and find out why ? Did the birds get it wrong this year or not? Can you draw a puffin using art hub and find out where else puffins are to be found in the world. 
P3/4 use https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/subtraction-grids Play Subtraction grids game 
P4 use https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/toy-shop-money This will open up the TOY SHOP MONEY GAME. Set mixed coins, change within £1 to £5 or extend to £1 to £10 
Literacy: P3/4 PURPLE MASH TO DO set 
P4 Prediction Page 1 Page 2 
WAU:P3/4 Puffin maze 
P4 Check out www.natgeokids.com/uk/discover/animals/bids/puffin-facts. There are the top 10 fabulous DID YOU KNOW facts about puffins on your website. See if you can find them and maybe write key facts down. On the adult national geographic site I found out that they have to have a running start when taking off to fly? Also that they make 8 food runs per day to feed their young? Could you imagine your Mum going to Harry's shop 8 times today??!! Also did you know that 60% of puffins go to Iceland to have baby pufflings?  
Literacy: More about synonyms 
WAU: Different kinds of puffins..>READING TIME. Did you know some say there are 3 different kinds of puffins, some say 4. Read more about it here 
P3/4 Counting in 2s and repeated addition booklet to print off and start. 
P4 Numeracy time problem:Jane's bicycle trip 
WAU: Ostrich Day. Back to natgeokids.com today. Search OSTRICH FACTS. Now can you answer the following questions.... 
P4 Computer time: www.topmarks.co.uk. Try Hit the button multiplication and some of your favourite games today. 
P4 Literacy: A little bit of fun reading to enjoy. Read the extract from George's Marvellous Medicine out loud if you can. Complete the SASSY SIMILES activity sheet. Remember your similes from a few weeks ago. Remember that you are as busy as a bee and as cool as a cucumber.....Can you now finish the similes by making your own silly similes. Don't forget you can send them to me via email and I will post them up.  
WAU: go back into natgeokids or the rspb website today and look to find facts on your favourite birds 

WEEK 5 beginning 18/5/2020 

*** TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER FOR THE VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY. THE QUICKEST WAY TO DO IT is to sign up today via www.healthy-kidz.com/hk-virtual-sports-day 
If you have already signed up thank you. We are doing this alongside most other schools nationwide and the activities are well organised with ideas for long jump and sprint this week in Week 1 and little videos. I too have joined up with my 3 children here so we are all in this together! We will all be doing our football toe taps !!  
Reading:Purple Mash 'To do's set. 
Spellings as normal 
Starting this week I have also included links to CORBETT PRIMARY MATHS video tutorials. Please take the time to use CORBETT MATHS if you can. I have attached direct access from his webpage so hopefully all you have to do is click on the web address. Personally I think they are good resources to use and there are lots of useful tools including division. I hope to use bbc bitesize too in the coming weeks. This is also a learning curve for me as I try to make life as manageable as possible for us all. 
Mental maths: this is a new idea so that we can cater for the various levels within the class. I encourage you to use https://topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/daily10 CLICK ON THIS LINK AND IT SHOULD OPEN! Level 2 is P3/4. Level 3 or 4 will be suitable for P4. CLICK HERE FOR THE HELP SHEET. Our children will know if it is too dificult or easy. Pencil and paper is needed to write down the 10 answers. In Level 3 there are 9 different sections:division, digit values,ordering,subtraction,addition,doubles/halves, multiplication,fractions. For example I suggest that Level 3 fractions is set to 1/4 of the amount lined to 4 tables. I also set the manual setting where I click the next button to move on to the next question. Thereore ther is no pressure to answer! Once the 10 questions are answered the chdilren can check their answers.REVEAL ALL answers. There is the option to play again or go back to the menu and change to another section.There are also many games to play on Purple Mash 'To do's. 
A wee letter from Mrs Poots for all the P4s 
Mental maths:try the Daily 10 challenge on topmarks (link above). 
More about adjectives 
Maths : 
P3/4 grouping booklet continued. Print out here if not printed out already
P4 Division : use topmarks today. 
WAU Where is the world powerpoint to read and look at today. Have a look and see what you would find on various continents and in lots of countries in the world. 
P4 Silent letters in spellings. THINKING TIME... think of as many words as you can that start with 'kn' or 'wr' eg....knot, knit, wriggle, wrong. Sort your words into two different lists. 'kn' or 'wr' or simply tell your Mum. Lots of you might tell Mummy I need/knead you?? Extension activity to print off:Complete the activity sheet 
P3/4 using CAPITAL letters: Proper Noun revision 
BIRD ART Rainy day busy activity if you want to do it:Colouring time 
Extension activity to print off :quick addition boxes 
WAU : Where in the world powerpoint. Have a look and see what animals live in various parts of the world. 
Literacy:Purple Mash reading to do set. 
Maths: Rounding numbers. Online tutorial to watch https://corbettmathsprimary.com/2018/07/31/rounding-video/ Have a look at the video and then click on Learn the rhyme. 
Then try doing the P3/4 activity sheet or P4 activity sheet 
Literacy/WAU: Parrots powerpoint + Finding out about the native parrots of Australia. See if you can find Australia again on your world map. Complete the activity to find out what the native parrot of Australia is called.  
P4 COLLINS All about birds nesting....Comprehension activity. Read page 1 and Page 2. Complete activity 1 
P3/4 tens and units activity. Also use topmarks.co.uk PLACE VALUE BASKETBALL 
WAU : BIRDS PURPLE MASH to do set for all. 
P3/4 Book Review  
P4 Reading Detective activity. Now you have finished your reading book, or you are most of the way through use the activity sheet to think about what you have read. 
Maths/WAU: From a birds eye point of view....planning a room. Imagine your Mum has decided to move the furniture around in one of your rooms. Look at the activity sheet and think about what is wrong with the way this room has been reorganised. Complete the activity for yourself. You will need a ruler,scissors and some paper preferably your squared paper book. 
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